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05 Oct 2016

Back to Basics

It has been almost two years since I blogged. I decided to take my website down because of the constant tug of war in my heart, my discomfort at putting my personal business on the internet. This affected my writing profoundly and made me put on a persona. That persona has helped write short stories. That persona has helped me finish my first novelette.

Things are better and I think I have a better grasp at handling the treacherous line between privacy and authenticity on the internet. So here I am, back to blogging.
I will, of course bring back some of my old posts, because they are well worth their weight in gold. If you read my blog as of two years ago, you will be very familiar with my Dear Behati series – letters I wrote to my unborn daughter. There is also the In Pleasure We Trust essay, my 21 Lessons at 21 and Heartbreak Chronicles.
I am not sure I have the balls to put up my short stories here. I feel like those stories are not mine; in the sense that I read them and I feel a certain detachment. Simi Oba-Pedro wrote those, not me. I will see where this road leads to, and I will be sure to put up a page for my works of fiction.
The easiest thing to start with is writing book reviews. I read at least four books every week and it is a field day in my head. As a writer myself, I am looking out for the things that interest me: discordant yet seamless plots, simplicity of language, fallible characters, a dark sense of humor and over-reliance on metaphors. As a reader, I simply want to have a really good read and a time-out in my brain. A time-out for me means a break from reality. I wrote reviews about eighteen months ago for a literary platform but I was dropped like a hot potato. It is hard for me to discredit a person’s work. Art forms in my opinion, are the most difficult platform to find coherent expression so people should get something for putting in effort. While that opinion has matured over time, I’m still reluctant to tear down. So, I will try to put my sentiments at bay and constructively criticize. I will also keep it short and simple.
I must mention that my best piece of technology in the world is the Kindle Fire. *drops mic* I have been reading with it for the past four months. Please note that when I’m mentioning the number of pages in my review, it is tailored to a font, margin and line spacing of my choosing. If you are not an avid reader, a book review is not necessarily a plot summary and it will never replace reading the book.
Will I blog about other things? Maybe. Probably. I am in this roller coaster too so till then.